What is your purpose of visiting Japan?

Shopping in Shinjuku? Challenge fresh sashimi in Tsukiji? Sightseeing a traditional temple in Asakusa? Everything is so great! It is an attractive experience unique to Japan. Yes, the purpose of going to Japan … I think it is sure to visit Japan to experience a wonderful Japanese culture.

Is that really enough?

But do you think that you can experience real Japanese culture simply by visiting famous sightseeing spots?
Please imagine the famous sights of the country you live in. Probably it will be difficult.
If you want to know the culture of your country a bit more deeply, not only famous sightseeing spots but also Japanese culture experience rooted in life is needed.

It’s quite nice, a walk in a residential area.

There are plenty of “real” Japan in residential areas. Experience the “real” Japanese culture rooted in life that you can not experience in famous sightseeing spots. The local old food restaurant, the shrine that appears suddenly, the road without garbage, the narrow garden or the clean garden etc…

Feel free, safe, walking style tourism

When you come to Tokyo, we recommend you to walk residential area in Tokyo!
You will be able to feel the real Japanese culture. Trying to walk in the Tokyo and its experience will remain in your memory.

No problem with any device.

Looks great on all devices, everything from mobiles to desktops!
I want to scroll down the page but the map scrolls. Is not such experience? Please rest assured.
The map works only with two fingers.

3 type of route
We offer three types of routes: Residential area focus route, Downtown focus route, Balance route.

Shrine & Temple
Via shrines or temples on the route, experience a realistic Japanese culture that blends into Japanese life.

Get Directions
Display route from current location to destination. You can reach your destination without getting lost.

List Markers
Display key points in a list. A detailed explanation is also attached.

Marker categories
Markers are displayed by category. You will not be searching for shops on the map.alance route.

Responsive Maps
You can use it on PC or smartphone. Let’s have fun using PC in your home country and smartphone in Japan.